The very fresh fish

gallery_25Graziano’s passion for the Sea World began very soon, just for fun.
At the age of 12, as a smart guy, he was attending “Ziu Pietro’s Boat” observing and learning every secret from the old seaman.
In 1983, when Graziano was 26, he bought his first fishing boat “Antares” and brave the hard life of the Sea bringing home huge quantities of fish.
So, helped by the wife Luisa, Graziano opened his first fish market, trying to turn into a real job his passion for the Sea.
During the ages their fish market expands in order to became the most knowed and researched for the quality and the freshness of his products.
To meet the needs of the market, Graziano decided to build a 27 meters fishing boat of steel, and naming it “Maria Antonio” in loving memory of his parents.
Once again Graziano wanted to do his best bringing the freshness of his products not only in his market, but even on the dishes of his Restaurant, where you can find the real sea taste, the genuineness and the simplicity that makes you appreciate the difference.